Find Your Calling


Lately, I’ve thought a lot about the church and what makes it effective.  I’ve come to conclude that a big part of the problem is that the pews are filled with spectators and not participants.  This is by no means a novel observation.  But I would propose that the reason so few church members are participating is that they don’t know what their part is.

It happens so often that in church there are programs and plans and the congregants are invited to join in.  The problem is that this doesn’t take into consideration what God might be doing in each individual person’s life.  I have always loved the study Experiencing God and how the focus in this study and book is about figuring out what God is doing and then joining Him in it.  This takes quietness and patience, and, foremost, surrender. But what will happen when believers use the God-ordained gifts and talents that He has given them?  I’ll tell you what–the church will run, will jump, will dance, will carry, and will be victorious.

That’s because we are all part of one whole.  And we can’t wait for the church leaders to tell us where we fit in.  We must each, every one, look to God to answer the question: why am I here?   God doesn’t make useless people.  We are specially equipped in some way to make this world a bit better for us having been here.  And the options are endless and not always found on a spiritual gifts list.

I am passionate about this because I feel like I have struggled to figure things out.  I have felt despondent wondering if I even have a place.  I’ve tried to fit myself into different molds and have found it depressing and stifling.  Worse–I feel the time ticking away as I enter my forties.  And then, let’s just say it, the church isn’t always that great in utilizing women in ministry.  I am a mom, a wife, a teacher, and a student, and I have tried a hundred other hats on only to think, which one is me.

So where am I now?  I am listening to God right now.  I am asking him to show me how He has gifted me–with words, with encouragement, with loving sacrifices–and then I want to look around and see how I can bring God’s name a little more glory.  Will you join me?

If you’re interested in learning more, watch this great video on calling:


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