Humble Theology

I’ve been studying the Bible for the twenty years that I’ve been a Christian. I attended Bible college and peeked over the shoulder of my seminary-attending husband. I’ve gone to conferences, done studies, and led my own studies. Despite all this, I realize what an amateur I am. I love God’s Word, but I am under no delusion that I have mastered it in thought or action. Instead, every time I approach His Word, I am careful to approach it in humility knowing that I am exploring only the parts the light can reveal.

I also approach it knowing that there are parts I will misunderstand and might even get plain wrong. This doesn’t discourage me though because what the light reveals is plentiful and challenging. What it does do is hopefully quell some of the spiritual pride I might have, especially when I think I’ve really “got” something.

Believers, we are often caricatured as angry know-it-all’s. Perhaps a little humility will help restore the image we’ve tarnished. I love theology and have no interest in compromising what I know to be core beliefs; however, can I communicate this in a way that doesn’t say I’m right and you’re wrong?

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