The Gift of Transformation

Many of you are aware that some of our cherished Christmas symbols (like the tree and the wreath) were originally a part of the pagan festival celebrated on December 25th. Instead of shunning these symbols, the early church adopted and transformed their meanings. No longer do they hold any hint of paganism to us–now the tree represents sacrificial life and the wreath the eternality of God’s love.
This is God’s great business–transformation! He takes all the twisting of His glorious will and instead of being defeated (as though that were possible), He weaves a new image of grace upon grace and hope where we think hope would be impossible.
Let’s learn from the early Church and our Lord! Whatever is thrown at you, no matter how evil or hurtful, do the beautiful work of transformation by applying the truth of the Gospel. In this way, the message of Christ’s redeeming work will be visually displayed in our lives.

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