Christmas Waiting

It’s hard to wait. Right now, as I write this, I can think of three big things that I’m waiting for. I don’t like it. Everything within me wants to twist and lurch about in the reins, anything to feel like I’m moving closer to my goal.

But that isn’t the way of God. Our God, so slow and methodical, plods away, patiently working out the details of our salvation. Me, a tiny speck and no more, bolts around, believing I’m actually accomplishing something.

Christmas, every year, is a reminder to wait. For almost a solid month, we begin the process of celebrating Christmas Day. We decorate, we shop, we go to parties—everything leading forward to the day.

This advent waiting is practice for the bigger waiting of our lives. We are waiting for the day that creation groans for—the day of full redemption of our bodies and souls. All that has been broken will be made new, the lion will lay down with the lamb.

So we wait, not as one without hope, but as one who has been invited to the best celebration ever. We will get ourselves ready and patiently prepare because even Christmas has nothing on this.

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