The Finished Unfinished

Two years ago, we bought a house we love. It has beautiful stone covering, a fireplace (yes, in Florida), and a large, lovely yard with mature, long limbed trees. It’s also about forty years old. When we purchased it, we knew there would be some work we’d need to put into it. Two years later, we’ve started checking off those big items that needed to be replaced or modified. We’d like to feel that we are coming to the end of our list, but every time we sit to discuss it, we find a new list of things that must be done. It seems the work is never finished.

It occurred to me today that this finished unfinished work of home ownership is a lot like God’s work in the world. On the Cross, He finished His purchase of our futures. In every day life, He continues His investment. His work is both finished and unfinished.

Just like my house, my life is a work in progress. I am not yet who He has created me to be, but, just as I can see my future completed house in my mind’s eye, God has a vision for who I am to be. And, unlike my house, His work is everlasting and perfect.

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