Loving Those Who Consider Abortion

Several days ago New York made changes to their abortion laws by allowing abortions up to nine months in some situations. New York Magazine’s headline boldly states “New York has finally updated its archaic abortion law” revealing their happiness in this change. This law change came mainly in response to the current administration’s plan to overrule Roe vs Wade. Those who voted in favor believed that this was their attempt to keep abortion available to women no matter what. The courtroom erupted in applause after the vote because they felt they were protecting women’s rights.

Even still, much of the United States was shocked. They argued that celebrating the right to kill our country’s most vulnerable is horrifying. Ever since this moment, social media has been broiling with anger coming from both sides.

The question is: how do we as Christians respond?

First, we must not lose heart.   It’s tempting to be overwhelmed by the cultural changes that are decidedly un-Christian.  However, we must remember two things: 1) The original disciples lived in a world much more hostile to our faith. They were completely outnumbered and many believed their sect was ridiculous and/or dangerous. We all know about the arenas where Christians were fed to the lions and many have heard how Nero himself used burning Christians as lights in his garden. 2) They didn’t set out to change the world–only to proclaim His Gospel. God did the transforming work Himself.

In fact, the impact the early Christians in many ways lay in their acts of sacrificial love.  Rodney Stark, a historian, notes in his book The Rise of Christianity that during a plague Christians refused to run. Instead, they chose to stay and care for those who were ill, no matter how dangerous.  This radical picture of love turned many people to faith.

So what does that look like for us?

We should absolutely not stop lobbying for anti-abortion laws. However, in the meantime, we need to do our best to love those who would consider abortion.

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