Resurrection Hope: A Faith that Fits

You hear it all the time. “He/she isn’t the person I married–he/she changed.” When couples spend their lives together, the events they experience do change them–physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This can be scary and frustrating. However, change is inevitable, and it’s the way we were designed.

We see it foremost in our physical transformations from infant to toddler to school age children to teenagers to adult. During this time, the body changes exponentially. The baby doubles its birth weight in the first few months. We become mobile and verbal. We develop the ability to read and write and play sports. Then, when we become adults, and it seems the changes have stopped, we find we are still in a flux of transition as we reap the effects of the care (or lack of care) we showed our bodies.

In addition, our response to the events of our lives and the information we are exposed to often change formerly steadfast opinions and ideas. We travel and we read and we have discussions with others, and we find our minds being changed. While this seems duplicitous, it is the way we grow. We should change our thoughts on things as we gain more information and life experience.

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