Two Deaths and a Parking Lot

My mother’s death occurred almost fifteen years before I learned about it. Her death was a news story. Murdered by a stalker while she lived in Miami. It occurred, of all days, on my ninth birthday, with me thankfully unaware. My mother was a stranger to me—both because of her absence and because of her… Continue reading Two Deaths and a Parking Lot

Our Memory Makes Us

“...memory is our only true access to reality.” ― Blake Crouch, Recursion Can we stop our sinful patterns if we erase our memories? Two different storylines wrestle with this very question. The first is Veronica Roth’s Divergent series concerning a hated character named Peter. The second is a sci-fi series on Netflix called Dark Matter.… Continue reading Our Memory Makes Us

Stranger Things 3: The Power of Memories to Forge the Future

Stranger Things Season 3 burst forth with the energy of a firecracker unrolling one of the show's most terrifying seasons. The storyline builds up to a dramatic ending, highlighting an important theme of this season—the power of memory. *Spoilers ahead* On a hot summer’s day, Will is excited to be with his friends again, playing another intense… Continue reading Stranger Things 3: The Power of Memories to Forge the Future