Being Made Needy by Wealth

  Wealth can be a blessing, but it can also be a cross to bear.  This is because wealth makes us needy. For example, as I walk around my house, I am quick to observe any items out of place.  The picture on the wall in the bathroom is off kilter. I notice my hands… Continue reading Being Made Needy by Wealth

Learning to Feast

  I am a person who knows how to survive but not a person who always knows how to feast. My family, like many others,  often went through the motions of family celebrations like Thanksgiving but without the heart behind it. Years of hurt would fill the room like a noxious gas, stifling and heavy.… Continue reading Learning to Feast

Learning to Walk through the Storms of Our Emotions

Emotions scare me. Perhaps one reason is that I grew up in a home riddled with bipolar disorder and unforgiveness and regret. There was always so much emotion and no safe way to process it. As a kid, I withdrew. I read books and escaped to places where complicated situations unraveled nicely by the end… Continue reading Learning to Walk through the Storms of Our Emotions

Feeling as a Step to Seeking Forgiveness

Our country is reeling in the aftermath of several horrific events–some spanning back several years and some just a few days ago.  Regardless of the timeline, we all will to some extent struggle with what to do with the offenders. Should there be forgiveness or justice?  And, even more perplexing, what do we do when… Continue reading Feeling as a Step to Seeking Forgiveness