The other night I tried to open a jar that just wouldn't budge. I tried all my tricks--knocking the edge of the cap and even stabbing it with a knife to release the pressure. Nothing worked. In fact, I tried so hard that I felt something twist in my shoulder (thank you, forties). I finally… Continue reading Stuck

Releasing Hope

Release means unclenching my grasping hands. It means letting go into another's care what I hold. Release is scary because I cannot know for sure what will happen when I let go. Will what I held fall to the ground and break? If I let it go, will I ever get it back? I'm reminded… Continue reading Releasing Hope

Routine Both Scares Me and Secures Me

Routine both scares me and secures me. It scares me because routine has a habit of numbing the mind. When we go through our usual tasks, our minds disengage. We aren't as connected and time passes quickly. All of a sudden, you come to and realize you haven't been paying attention for several minutes. Routine… Continue reading Routine Both Scares Me and Secures Me