Resurrection Hope: A Faith that Fits

You hear it all the time. “He/she isn’t the person I married–he/she changed.” When couples spend their lives together, the events they experience do change them–physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This can be scary and frustrating. However, change is inevitable, and it’s the way we were designed. We see it foremost in our physical transformations from… Continue reading Resurrection Hope: A Faith that Fits

How to Have a Great Valentine’s Day: Connect, Don’t Expect

Valentine’s Day is a day that evokes a variety of emotions. Some look forward to it with excitement about celebrating their love. Others dread it because they are alone and this day is a reminder of this. And then there are those who are in a relationship but hate Valentine’s Day because of the pressure… Continue reading How to Have a Great Valentine’s Day: Connect, Don’t Expect