Why We Need Old People: The Gift of Perspective

In 1992, the movie Prelude to a Kiss (based on a play of the same title) debuted with an interesting twist of the Freaky Friday theme of two people switching bodies. The difference in this film is that the two people who switch are strangers: a young bride and an old man. Their own personal desires trigger… Continue reading Why We Need Old People: The Gift of Perspective

Marvelous Women: What Does A Real Role Model Look Like

Marvel’s latest movie Captain Marvel sought to unveil a new female role model--the most powerful figure in the Marvel universe. Feminists hailed this as the necessary step to validating the Marvel Universe (where the female heroes are sadly outnumbered). The movie however received mixed reviews with many being critical of what they believed to be… Continue reading Marvelous Women: What Does A Real Role Model Look Like

3 Things How to Train a Dragon 3 Gets Right About Marriage

*Spoilers* Dreamworks’ final installment of How to Train a Dragon holds a surprising twist--a mature perspective on marriage. The story picks up some time after the second episode where Hiccup’s father has died leaving Hiccup as the chief, albeit a reluctant one. Berk, his island hometown, is facing some serious issues--they don’t have space for… Continue reading 3 Things How to Train a Dragon 3 Gets Right About Marriage

Marie Kondo and Loving Our Lives

“I just got KonMari-ed!” sings the husband from the Holderness Family’s hilarious parody “Tidying Up: The Musical.” In this video, he jokingly complains about all the changes his wife has made based on an organizational strategy spearheaded by Marie Kondo. This strategy was launched into the limelight when Netflix released a series called Tidying Up… Continue reading Marie Kondo and Loving Our Lives