A Hope That’s Hidden in Grief

My father and I had stopped at his office so he could pick up a few things before his flight for his business trip. We were in no rush—his flight didn’t leave until after 1pm. We planned to get some breakfast in town before leaving for the airport. He stood looking at some papers while… Continue reading A Hope That’s Hidden in Grief

Healing God, Healing Earth

After decades of good and unappreciated good health, I felt like my body had turned on me. What was worse was that no one could clearly tell me why it was happening and how I could fix it. Three years later, I feel like I now understand what I need to do to find healing and how the answers were all around me even then.

How Relational Expectations Shape our Vision of God

For good or for bad, the relationships we have in our lives create our image of God. These include the important ones like our parents, spouses, and our friends and siblings. These interactions help us understand our value, how relationships work, and are the avenues through which we attach meaning.  For example, the very first… Continue reading How Relational Expectations Shape our Vision of God