How Books Fuel Imagination

I stretched out my arms and legs, stiff from sitting in the same position for hours. I stood up, realizing I was hungry and didn’t remember when I had last eaten. I stumbled into the kitchen and my father, upon seeing me, remarked, “You’re alive! I haven’t seen you move in days.” “Ha, ha, Dad,”… Continue reading How Books Fuel Imagination

Jesus and Self-Care

For he will not much remember the days of his life because God keeps him occupied with joy in his heart.” Ecclesiastes‬ 5:20‬ ESV‬‬ I am a Gen Xer. Our generation was specifically encouraged in our late teens and early twenties to be radical Christians; Jesus freaks if you will. I went to a Christian… Continue reading Jesus and Self-Care

Over-giving and the Enneagram

I sat in the darkened parking lot while my husband helped the woman and her son load up our van with her belongings. She had showed up a couple of weeks ago in my Sunday school class looking very foreign to Florida culture in her black clothes and European accent. The distress on her face,… Continue reading Over-giving and the Enneagram