Faith in A Plan

One of my favorite type of books is the one where the main character has a plan and the audience is left out of it.  We observe, like the other characters, the preparation, and execution of a plan that looks ridiculous. Some even look doomed to failure. Then, at the last moment, a final piece... Continue Reading →

Unwilling Adventurer

  Fear drove me to God. It wasn’t fear of Hell or death since they didn’t seem real to me. I was afraid of life. Success scared me because I was certain I wouldn’t be able to keep it up, and failure scared me as the true revelation of my lack of abilities. Though I... Continue Reading →

Why Christians Walk Away

Lately, I’ve sadly observed Christian friends from my young adulthood turning away from their faith. I have even read an article about the Gungors, whose music I love, and their struggles with faith--Michael stating he has now become an atheist. It is hard to see people who previously served God with passion and faith now walking away.

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