Two Deaths and a Parking Lot

My mother’s death occurred almost fifteen years before I learned about it. Her death was a news story. Murdered by a stalker while she lived in Miami. It occurred, of all days, on my ninth birthday, with me thankfully unaware. My mother was a stranger to me—both because of her absence and because of her… Continue reading Two Deaths and a Parking Lot

More Than A Party Line: A Love That’s Real

  “Do you love soccer?” she asked leaning towards me. “The only way you will be good at soccer is if you love it!” She looked at me waiting for an answer. I mumbled, “Yeah. I love it.” Obviously disappointed with my lackluster response, she got up and repeated her spiel to more enthusiastic members… Continue reading More Than A Party Line: A Love That’s Real

The Character of Love

In our time of overwhelming media input, it’s easy to get confused about love. C.S. Lewis bemoaned the deficiencies of  the English language with it’s single word for love, whereas the Greek language offers four separate words! We are fortunately gifted with the life of Christ and the beautiful words of Paul the apostle in… Continue reading The Character of Love

What I Learned About God from Watching Hallmark Movies

I must admit that I enjoy Hallmark movies.  I say that with some hesitation because I’m actually really picky about my movie choices--to the point of being annoying.  There is something that pulls on me though when I watch those cheesy, predictable romance movies.  I’ve tried to ignore that part of me. I try instead… Continue reading What I Learned About God from Watching Hallmark Movies