Our Memory Makes Us

“...memory is our only true access to reality.” ― Blake Crouch, Recursion Can we stop our sinful patterns if we erase our memories? Two different storylines wrestle with this very question. The first is Veronica Roth’s Divergent series concerning a hated character named Peter. The second is a sci-fi series on Netflix called Dark Matter.… Continue reading Our Memory Makes Us

Stranger Things 3: The Power of Memories to Forge the Future

Stranger Things Season 3 burst forth with the energy of a firecracker unrolling one of the show's most terrifying seasons. The storyline builds up to a dramatic ending, highlighting an important theme of this season—the power of memory. *Spoilers ahead* On a hot summer’s day, Will is excited to be with his friends again, playing another intense… Continue reading Stranger Things 3: The Power of Memories to Forge the Future

Memories to Look Forward To

I’ve been collecting memories over the years, placing them pristine within the cupboards of my mind for later perusal. Excited by my collection, I’ve looked forward to going back to re-experience them: trekking through the jungles of Papua New Guinea, touring Spain with my father, holding my newborn child or the first time I felt… Continue reading Memories to Look Forward To