How Relational Expectations Shape our Vision of God

For good or for bad, the relationships we have in our lives create our image of God. These include the important ones like our parents, spouses, and our friends and siblings. These interactions help us understand our value, how relationships work, and are the avenues through which we attach meaning.  For example, the very first… Continue reading How Relational Expectations Shape our Vision of God

The Tension of People and Calling

In a pivotal scene from the movie Mona Lisa Smile starring Julia Roberts, the brilliant but single professor confronts a female student who is giving up her dreams of law school for marriage. The student counters that she wants a family and there’s nothing wrong with her choice. Whispering almost to herself, the teacher comments,… Continue reading The Tension of People and Calling

The Relationship Script

I remember when the concept of reality shows first came out. It was a fascinating idea to watch people’s lives without the traditional and predictable plot structure. It didn’t take long though for this to be a misnomer. There is not much reality in these scripted shows anymore. Instead, they build upon stereotypes without any… Continue reading The Relationship Script