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Releasing Hope

Release means unclenching my grasping hands. It means letting go into another’s care what I hold. Release is scary because I cannot know for sure what will happen when I let go. Will what I held fall to the ground and break? If I let it go, will I ever get it back?

I’m reminded of Abraham clinging so tightly to his son; his hope of God’s blessing tightly interwoven into the life of this boy. How hard it must have been to release him into God’s hands! And yet he did and he now stands as a monument of the faith that saves. He believed and he trusted God, not only in word, but in beautiful, painful, releasing action. He too did not know what would happen when he let go, but he knew to whom he was releasing his greatest hope. It is this moment that defines his faith so exquisitely– the moment he gave God everything, trusting that somehow God would bring it back.

As we release things in our life, we too should have that same boomerang hope. We can release knowing God will bring it back in His own way and in His own time. This faith is the faith that defines our lives.

*Written as a response to the Five Minute Friday prompt