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Navigating Trauma: Lessons from Stranger Things Season 4

“You’ve experienced trauma Max, and when you keep your feelings, your pain, bottled up the way you do, it doesn’t take much to trigger them again. So now when it rains, it storms.” Ms. Kelley, Counselor Stranger Things has delved into interesting thematic concepts in their four seasons. For example, season three focuses on the… Continue reading Navigating Trauma: Lessons from Stranger Things Season 4

Finding Meaning in the Multiverse

For most of humanity’s existence, we have lived in very small worlds. People were born, raised, and died in their same communities. Very few were exposed to ideas and opinions outside of their small worlds. And if they did, they weren’t so completely different from what they already understood. Starting with foreign travel in the… Continue reading Finding Meaning in the Multiverse

Vengeance and Hope Depicted in Moon Knight and Batman

Can vengeance bring peace? Two superhero stories recently released grapple with this topic. Coming from two different franchises, Marvel’s Moon Knight was released on DisneyPlus and DC’s Batman released in the theaters. Taken together, they present an interesting comparison to the old testament and new testament views on vengeance. Moon Knight, featuring Oscar Isaac, has… Continue reading Vengeance and Hope Depicted in Moon Knight and Batman