About Me


Tatyana Claytor is primarily a lover of story and truth. As an English teacher, she is surrounded by the stories of the ages, but as a lover of God, she is enveloped in the Story beyond all ages. Her desire is to know the Author of this story as clearly as possible that she might help others see God’s truth in their lives and His plan in their stories. She currently lives in Cocoa, Florida with her three story-loving children and her husband, a minister of Youth and Missions. She has a Master’s degree in Education and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Professional Writing from Liberty University.

Some comments on her writing from readers of her blog:

“[She has] a gift for teaching and relaying information that gives people new insight and foundational knowledge. This leads one to desire further study. Instilling the desire to constantly learn and gain wisdom is [her] gift.” Tracey Zudans

“[She is a] focused, articulate woman who is honest in her assessment of self, family, friends and the world in general. I believe [she looks] through a biblical lens when viewing these things.”  Sharon Young

She is also a monthly contributing author and Lead Editor at Daily Paradigm Shift and her work has been published in Fathom Magazine, Emerging Scholars,  Christian Courier and on The Redbud Post run by The Redbud Writer’s Guild of which she is a member.

She was the featured author on Daily PS for the month of January 2018.

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