Choose to Love

If you were to scroll through your TV channels, you would see a myriad of survival shows. The locations and situations vary, but each has its own difficult and sometimes potentially life-threatening challenges. Starvation, being eaten alive by bugs, insomnia, and loneliness are among a few of their challenges. In most of these shows, though, the person has only to speak a word, and they can go home. To me this makes it so much more difficult because they have to choose to stay in a horrible situation. It is one thing to survive because you have no choice–it is a totally different thing to persevere when ease is within your grasp.

I cannot help but equate this with Jesus’s situation. As God of the universe and unlimited power in His hands, He simply had to say, “No” and the very cosmos would have cooperated. This God/man with every resource available at his fingertips, in the face of unimaginable pain, must choose to go ahead. He must choose to go ahead knowing that even though His sacrifice is more than enough, it will still be rejected by many. He must choose to go ahead knowing that His work is not really ending but is just beginning.

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