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Routine Both Scares Me and Secures Me

Routine both scares me and secures me.

It scares me because routine has a habit of numbing the mind. When we go through our usual tasks, our minds disengage. We aren’t as connected and time passes quickly. All of a sudden, you come to and realize you haven’t been paying attention for several minutes. Routine makes life go by too quickly. Routine closes my eyes and deadens my senses.

But routine also does the silent work of putting down deep roots when I’m not looking. The routine of daily life, of work and play and preparation and cleaning up, lays a foundation of security that brings rest to my soul. And, though I might not observe how this everyday stuff accomplishes this, all I need is a break and a return from this routine to understand how routine makes me feel at home.

So routine keeps me slightly uncomfortable—scaring me with the brevity of my time here but giving me glimpses of what it feels like to belong somewhere. This discomfort makes me look forward to a future where time is not something to be feared (in eternity will we even notice it?) and security will not be synonymous with same old. Instead, excitement and home will be intertwined into something new and ancient at the same time.

*Written as a response to the Five Minute Friday prompt